TCM Chinese Herbs — Sang Ji Sheng Tea: Health Benefits (桑寄生)

Sang Ji Sheng Tea is a traditional Chinese medicine a raw bulk herbal tea. It does not cost tremendously much, but it heals and nourishes the body in a number of ways. The health benefits are endless. Sang Ji Sheng is a natural blood builder. The Chinese brand blood as the "mother of energy" because blood required in the bodies to for basic functions. It is a receptacle for sustaining one lives.

Blood provides the necessary moisture needed by the internal organs, to function properly. If blood having low, will develop diseases or dysfunctions in the body because of blood deficiency. We might have some of these problems but are unaware it is due to a blood deficiency, or may be on iron pill that will not quite help with anemia.

Sang Ji Sheng Tea is the key to one problem. It is an excellent blood tonic. It helps the body maintain an adequate blood supply, also soothes and relaxes the nervous system. It has mild laxative properties to relieve constipation.

Cancer Patients undergoing or proceeding radiation treatments this helps with the serious side effects such as nausea, dry mouth from the radiation. It is soothing to the body after the harsh treatments of radiation.

Surgery- After undergoing surgery and losing a lot of blood Sang Ji Sheng Tea help in building up the blood supply back up. If having just given birth, this major on the body and Sang Ji Sheng Tea lift one spirits by getting that nourishment in one body.

Sang Ji Sheng Tea aids in dehydrating.

Menstruating Women- When having crummy cramps the doctor may prescribe birth control pills to help with the cramping. This will not solve the problem in the long run. First of all, birth control pills damage the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls emotions and is essential to balance out the hormones and moods.

If having mild cramping or bad awful cramps simply put one blood is low. No birth control pill or iron pill will resolve the matter.

Drinking Sang Ji Sheng Tea regularly will prevent or lessen cramps, because consuming it builds blood and eliminates cramping. Every woman does not cramp if the blood is not low they will not cramp.

Pregnant Women - Sang Ji Sheng Tea keeps one hydrated during the entire pregnancy it is 100% safe to drink. When drinking Sang Ji Sheng Tea faithfully and kept the iron up, even the doctors insisted it because of the iron pill. If taking the drug iron pill because of the Sang Ji Sheng Tea.

Sang Ji Sheng Tea needed when manufacturing life in one body that is taking up one blood and calcium.

Acne Prone Skin- If dinking Sang Ji Sheng Tea consistently it will firm up the skin and create a youthful, radiant glow for male and females.

Arthritis- Sang Ji Sheng Tea promotes circulation helping to improve arthritic and rheumatic pain along with reducing arthritis inflammation.

Vitamins- Sang Ji Sheng Tea contains herbal calcium for strengthening tendons, bones, back and legs. Sang Ji Sheng Tea helps to recoup sore joints and muscles.

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